Sophie Calle

I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Sophie Calle, A prominent French writer, Photographer, installation artist, and conceptual artist. Calles, work was very central part of the 1960s French literary mouvement.

Walking into her Home and place of work in Malakoff, was an absolute eye-opener for me, exposing the way certain artist live. She’s built up a collection of pieces that she’s created over the years and lives within them in a living art setting.

Her work is very provocative and not to the taste of the general public, yet her appeal is considered mainstream in the art world. Once I entered into her perfectly curated world, i grew accustomed to seeing stuffed animals littered around her home, in a surprisingly warm and contrastingly surreal atmosphere.

All this said it was a real delight to meet such a legendary and passionate artist.

Here are some images of her atelier.

Behind The Scenes

Just a few snaps while shooting in a fantastic home. I realized that studio space is always a problem in Toronto. So I get creative when I ask to shoot in someone’s living room.

Oh yeah that’s me in the makeup artists glasses! 😁

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